Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean internal hard surfaces?

Yes – we remove all sediment and waste water through our clean and capture service!

What is clean and capture?

Clean and capture is a rotational pressure cleaning process with simultaneous vacuum. Our machine disperses hot water at a high pressure to break up dirt and grease, then sucks up the water leaving the surface clean and dry.

What makes Hard Surface Cleaners eco-friendly?

We use a product called Sierra Citrus 6000, which is an environmentally friendly citrus all-purpose cleaner and degreaser.

This product was specifically formulated to meet the increasing demand for an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional harsh solvents.

Citrus 6000 is approved for use in the food processing and export industries, and has attained the highest level of AQIS approval.

Will Hard Surface Cleaners supply the water for the job?

Our trucks carry an average of 800L, if the job requires more water than our trucks can carry, we will connect to a tap onsite.

How much pressure is used in pressure cleaning?

The average household pressure cleaner uses around 1800 – 2400PSI (Pounds per square inch) Our machines can achieve up to 7000PSI.

Do Hard Surface Cleaners service rural areas?

Yes – Hard Surface Cleaners is one of the only companies in Australia with custom built trucks, fitted with equipment made for Thermo Pressure cleaning and soft washing, which enables us the mobility to service regional & metropolitan areas with ease!

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